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It is a place of heroes and glories.

It is where wars rage and valor is proved.

It is the battleground of eternity.

Ysgard is a plane on an epic scale, with soaring mountains, deep fjords, and dark caverns that hide the secret forges of the dwarves. A biting wind always blows at a hero's back. From the freezing water channels to the sacred groves of Alfheim's elves, Ysgard's terrain is grand and terrible. It is a place of sharp seasons: Winter is a rime of darkness and killing cold, and a summer day is scorching and clear. 

Most spectacular of all, the landscape floats atop immense rivers of earth flowing forever through an endless skyscape. The broadest earthen rivers are the size of continents, while smaller sections, called earthbergs, are island-sized. Fire rages under each river, but only a reddish glow penetrates to the continent's top. Of more concern is the occasional collision between rivers, which produces terrible quakes and sometimes spawns new mountain ranges. 

Ysgard is the home of slain heroes who wage eternal battle on fields of glory. When these petitioners fall, they rise again the next morning to continue eternal warfare.

 - Manual of the Planes 

Gatecrasher's Guide[]

Called Gladsheim by primes who never found out the real chant, Ysgard is a tumultuous plane. It's made up of numerous immense rivers of earth flowing forever through the sky. These rivers consist of chunks ranging in size from small boulders to whole continents. Their undersides give off a reddish glow that lights the rivers from underneath. As each river flows, its "earthbergs" grind together fiercely, so the whole plane continually rumbles with a deep grating noise.

The plane's occupants are just as tumultuous. The Norse pantheon (sometimes called the aesir) dwells here, and it's a rowdy lot. Some think it strange that such chaotic gods would ever band together, but a strong leader and a common goal to maintain a home realm can be nearly as unifying as any universal law or code. Odin is that high-up man (though Thor is nearly as mighty and Loki is nearly as crafty), and by standing together these gods preserve their realm within Ysgard's physical chaos.

Petitioners on this plane are always eager to do battle. If they die in combat, they aren't absorbed like petitioners on the other planes; instead, they rise the next day to fight again. Unfortunately, they forget that other sods who aren't petitioners might be averse to a death duel. What's worse, most other bashers here are members of the Fated faction, and they figure that if a sod can't defend himself, he deserves to die. The moral of the story: Ysgard's no place to take a vacation unless a cutter's looking for a real workout.

- Guide to the Planes


  • Normal Gravity.
  • Normal Time.
  • Infinite Size: Ysgard goes on forever, but its well-known realms have boundaries within the plane as a whole.
  • Divinely Morphic: Specific powerful beings (such as the deities whom make their homes there) can alter Ysgard with a thought. Ordinary creatures find Ysgard as easy to alter as a material plane with spells and physical effort.
  • No Elemental Traits: No one element dominates on Ysgard; all are in balance as on a material plane.
  • Minor Positive-Dominant: Ysgard possesses a riotous explosion of life in all its forms. All individuals on Ysgard gain Fast Healing 2 and may even regrow lost limbs in time. All slain in the never-ending conflicts on Ysgard's fields of battle rise each morning as if True Resurrection were cast on them, fully healed and ready to fight anew. Only those who suffer mortal wounds on Ysgard's battlefield are revived; dead characters brought to Ysgard do not spontaneously recover.
  • Mildly Chaos-Aligned: Lawful creatures on Ysgard suffer a -2 penalty on all Charisma-based checks.
  • Normal Magic.


Except for the planar traits noted above, Ysgard behaves like a material plane. Planewalkers should find very little difference in how their spells and abilities work here. Ysgard is a vast place, filled with life.

On the Server[]

Ysgard is not currently accessible as an area on the server.