Feat ID: 2320

Background ID: 27

Prequesites: To take this feat you must take Barbarian at level 1.

Info[edit | edit source]

A tribal barbarian was trained from an early age in mystic rites that enhance his ability to defend his tribe from harm. When raging he can gain increased senses, immunity to fear, or the ability to terrify his enemies. He can also become more resistant to spells and spell like effects. Note: Taking this path opens up a number of feats that enhances the Barbarian's rage with either defensive or support abilities.

Feats Unlocked[edit | edit source]

Blazing Rage

Frozen Rage

Frantic Rage

Chaotic Rage

Fearless Rage

Vigorous Rage

Rage Senses

Superstitious Rage

Terrifying Rage

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