Feat ID: 2316

Background ID: 26

Prequesites: To take this feat you must take Barbarian at level 1.

Info[edit | edit source]

As a child you were singled out by the tribe Shaman as the chosen warrior of the animal and spirit ancestors of your tribe. You received special training and conditioning that allows you to call upon the tribe's totems, which grant the barbarian the powers of spirit ancestors and animals. Also, as part of your training you focused on fighting like the animals, using tooth and claw. Your teeth were filed to sharpened points, and you keep your nails sharpened to points and regularly apply a special varnish to your nails that hardens them significantly.

Note 1: The first time you rage having this feat you will be equipped with a creature hide that grants Weapon Proficiency (Creature) and Improved Unarmed Strike. You will also gain 3 creature weapons that will replace your regular unarmed attack, each doing 1d8 base damage and each of a different attack type (Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning). If you are playing a special race that already has creature items they will not be replaced. If you already have a creature hide then the feat properties will be added to that. This ability does not work for small races!

Note 2: Having this background feat opens up access to a number of Totem Rage feats that improve combat prowess while raging.

Note 3: Do not use the DR granting tattoo from the tattoo parlour. It will remove your existing hide.

Feats Unlocked[edit | edit source]

Elephant Totem

Monkey Totem

Bear Totem

Snake Totem

Tortoise Totem

Rhino Totem

Ancestor Spirit Totem

Crocodile Totem

Honey Badger Totem

Lizard Totem

Ancestral Weapon Totem

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