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You've found yourself in the Center of the Multiverse, in The Cage of all places. Whether you've been tunneljacked through a portal, came here willingly, or have lived your life in the heart of the outer planes. One of the many places in what berks consider "the afterlife". This section is where you can find useful information if you are a new player. Players should feel free to contribute their own information here, but try not to give away information that is best left to discovery through in-game experiences. Below you'll find links and information on basic lore fit for a new player to planescape, game/mechanical info, and other helpful things.

So what do you need to know about Sigil as a first time player?

Firstly, as a server depicting the planescape setting, we use 2e lore and lore books first and foremost for the basis of the setting. This takes precedence over 3e, except in noted occasions. 4e and 5e lore is not and will not be used by staff or players currently. A notable exception to the 2e lore we use, is that we will not be using anything from the Faction War or Die, Vecna, Die!. Please ask a DM if you're unsure about what lore exists on our server before making use of it!

So what is Sigil in a lore context anyways? Or rather, what should you know? Sigil is a city in the Outlands, an entire ring like shape on top of The Spire there, and here in Sigil, portals to nearly every plane exists, and open and close with the use of keys, or by The Lady of Pain's will. Alright, so, how does one get to Sigil? Well berk, it's only ever by portal. You cannot planeshift in and out of Sigil, nor can you climb The Spire to get to the top. But you can use one of the many many varying portals throughout the planes and primes. And often times, these portals are as temporary as innocence. Your PC will likely have lived in Sigil, or got transported via portal with or without their consent.

With portals to almost any world, this means we allow PCs to come from various walks of life. While it is against the rules to play a PC from a modern setting or Earth, be it the D&D setting Gothic Earth or the one you are (presumably) viewing this wiki from. This does mean that we do not allow overt advancement in technology and sci fi elements from homebrew settings. We do however allow for almost any other official D&D setting, or homebrew setting that isn't breaking rules. Such settings would include:

  • Forgotten Realms
  • Dragonlance
  • Greyhawk
  • Spelljammer
  • Darksun
  • Mystara
  • Ravenloft
  • Eberron
  • Golarion

Please see Setting Time Conversions for the current year in Sigil and other settings.

So you have a glimpse at Sigil and probably have an idea of which setting your PC originates from. If you're completely new to planescape, it's heavily encouraged to play a Clueless. There is a certain charm you get by playing your PC as clueless as you are about planescape, and is an excellent choice for a first character that lets you learn as you go. So what is a Clueless?

A Clueless is a person who isn't aware or knowledgeable of Sigil, and the rest of the planes. Most of the time these berks are Primers (people from the Prime Material Plane), but they can also be heavily sequestered Planars (People from the outer, inner, or transitive planes), but the immense majority are Primers. Clueless may have a vague idea that the outer planes or Sigil exists, but not much else. They're completely "clueless" on any of the delicate inner workings of the social, political, and cultural climate of Sigil and other inner or outer planes. Though "Clueless" remains a primarily Sigilian slang term, on account that most Clueless fall into Sigil first, out of the numerous portals.

If however you're familiar with planescape lore and aren't rping as Clueless, take a moment to brush up on our History and Timeline page.

And in light of those two roles, please take into account that your PC, despite race, background, or external server history, will not have any bearing on Sigil. Your PC still begins at level 1 like everyone else. DMs will not grant you power, money, positions of importance, or obscure/secret knowledge and lore from the start. A clueless primer noble may be acceptable, but insisting you have power that can largely impact players and the setting without earning it first, is not acceptable.

Some of the above may be covered in our FAQ page, but if there are any questions not covered here, the FAQ, or the rest of the Wiki, please join the discord and ask! - Below now, you'll find an important note for GOG users, and other very useful links!

Important tip! If you are using a GOG version of Neverwinter Nights 2, it can be a major pain to get the keys so you can enter them into the Multiplayer Key Changer. Here is a step by step guide (updated 10 Aug 2022)

Go to on your browser.

Click on 'Games.'

Click on 'Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete.'

Click on the drop down menu labeled 'More.'

Click on 'Serial Keys.'

Have the tiny window for the Multiplayer Key Changer open next to where you have the keys.


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