Type of feat: General, Epic

Prerequisite: Character level 21, Rage 5/day, Strength 25

Required for: None

Specifics: This feat adds two effects to a barbarian's weapon(s) (including Creature Weapons, but not gloves/unarmed).

When a Barbarian makes a critical hit he makes a massive critical (note: Massive critical does not stack with existing massive critical property on weapons or from Overwhelming Critical). The additional damage is 1d12 per point of multiplier, and Weapon Master Increased Multiplier Feat is taken into consideration (ie: A Scythe Wielding WM/Barb will have x5 Critical so will do an additional 5d12 damage on a critical).

The second effect is the weapon gains the ability to Daze opponents when they are hit. DC is based off the Barbarian's intimidate skill rank. A Barbarian must have an intimidate rank (including modifiers) of at least 13 for this to take effect and will have a DC of 14. This increased by 2 per 2 points in Intimidate reaching a max at DC40. The Daze effect has a 25% chance of being applied and will last for 2 rounds.

Note 1: This feat is treated as a Barbarian only class feat, preventing you from selecting it except on a Barbarian Class level.

Note 2: Rage 5/day class feat is gained at a Barbarian's 16 class level. Extra Rage feat does not count towards the requirement.

Use: Automatic (when raging).

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