(Legacy system, no longer active) Edit


Almost all summons have been changed from default.

In addition durations have been increased for the lower level spells. Summon Monster 1 has its duration extended to 20(?) minutes per caster level and for each increasing level of spell this multiplier is reduced until Summon Monster IX has no(?) multiplier.

Ranger and Bard summons have been increased in strength to reflect the level you obtain the spell rather than the level of the spell itself. For example, the level 4 Ranger summon is roughly as strong as the Wizard level 8 summon.

Summons to avoid: Currently some of the summons are not worth using. These are the Stirge and the Lantern Archon. Both are terribly weak and need improving or changing.

Summons By ClassEdit

Wizards and Clerics share the same summons but they change depending on the caster's good-evil alignment.

Bard Loyal Fan summon changes depending on gender. It always appears a member of the opposite gender.

Bard Band Member summon changes depending on good-evil alignment.

LevelGoodEvilNeutralSpirit ShamanDruidBardRanger
1Small ViperFiendish RatGibberlingSpirit WarriorSmall ViperLoyal FanLoyal Hound
2Celestial BeetleFiendish WolfHook SpiderSpirit CrossbowerHook SpiderBacchaeLocal Ranger
3Celestial BearHell HoundXorn, minorSpirit FighterStirgeBand MemberEnraged Bear
4Lantern ArchonFiendish Dire WolfCarrion CrawlerSpirit FencerSmilodonFirreSmilodon
5Hound ArchonShadow MastiffDisplacer BeastSpirit LurkerDisplacer BeastMoon Dog
6Bralani EladrinBezekira (hell cat)Gelatinous CubeSpirit BerserkerMegaraptor Rage Walker
7DjinniBulezauXornSpirit ArcherXorn
8Celestial Dire BearGargantuan Fiendish SpiderBlue SlaadSpirit SneakerNoble Salamander
9Guardian NagaHezrouGreen SlaadSpirit MagicianUnicorn