Character study04 by tahra-d4yuoc0

(Note: this is a new Prestige Class that replaces the old Dwarven Defender Prestige Class.)

Requirements: Edit

Alignment: Any Lawful

Base Attack Bonus: +7

Feats: Dodge, Toughness

Race: None (Note: there is no special race requirement for Stalwart Defender assuming the race can be lawful.)

Class Features: Edit

Hit Dice: d12

Base Attack Bonus: High

High Saves: Fortitude, Will

Proficiences: Weapons (simple, martial), armor (light, medium, heavy), as well as shields (including tower shields)

Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

Class Skills: Craft (armor), Craft (weapon), Intimidate, Listen, Parry, Spot, Taunt

Level Features Gained
1 Improved Defense +1, Invigorating Challenge
2 Uncanny Dodge
3 Invigorating Challenge (temporary hit points)
4 Improved Defense +2
5 Defensive Stance
6 DR 3/-
7 Improved Defense +3
8 Improved Uncanny Dodge
9 Invigorating Challenge (extended range)
10 Improved Defense +4, Ultimate Bulwark, DR 6/-

Invigorating Challenge: The Stalwart Defender can issue a challenge to draw the attention of nearby enemies. Foes within 20 feet who fail a Will Save (DC = 5 + Stalwart Defender's Taunt Skill) will be forced to Attack the Stalwart Defender for at least one round (spellcasting is NOT interrupted). For 30 seconds, the stalwart defender will receive a -50 penalty to Hide and Move Silently skills. At 3rd level, it will also grant temporary health points (for 30 seconds), to the Stalwart Defender and his allies, equal to 10 + 2 per Stalwart Defender's CON modifier. At 9th level, the radius doubles, increasing to 40 feet. This ability has a 30 seconds cooldown and does not affect hostile PCs.

Uncanny Dodge1: The character [is intended to] retain his Dex bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: Grants total immunity to sneak attacks.

Improved Defense: The Stalwart Defender receives +1 dodge bonus to AC at 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th level for a total of +4 dodge bonus to AC by 10th level.

Defensive Stance: The Stalwart Defender can become a bastion of defense. He cannot move from the spot he's defending, but he gains Immunity to Knockdowns, +4 to Armor Class, and +2 bonus to all saves. This ability can be toggled on and off with a 30 seconds cooldown. (Note: This will not appear in the combat modes UI, you will have to drag the feat to the action bar like normal active feats.)

Damage Resistance: At 6th level the Stalwart Defender gains DR 3/-. This increases to DR 6/- at 10th level.

Ultimate Bulwark: The Stalwart Defender and all allies within 40 feet gain damage immunity to all sources equal to 10% + 1% per Stalwart Defender's CON modifier. This is a permanent aura. (Note: this reduction is applied after every other form of mitigation and multiple Ultimate Bulwarks originating from different Stalwart Defenders do not stack.)

1 Bug (2/22/17) Uncanny Dodge is currently bugged, and does not function.