Sigil NWN2 PW Wiki

Type of Feat: General

Skill Prerequisite: Set Trap 18

Feat Prerequisite: Set Trap: Sonic

Specifics: Upon succeeding a Set Trap check (DC 27) the user sets down a trap containing a corrosive acid. When triggered, all hostiles in the area receive 10d10 points of acid damage and receive a permanent -2 to AC as the acid eats away at their protection. They must then make a Fortitude Save (DC 23) or be paralyzed in pain for five rounds. A successful reflex save halves the damage but does not negate the AC loss or potential paralysis unless the target benefits from the effects of Evasion or Improved Evasion. This ability can be used every 30 seconds. The damage and DC of the trap are increased by the Craft Trap skill at a rate of +1d10 damage per 2 points and +1 DC per 4 points

Rogues get this feat for free at level 20.