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This section contains information relating to custom features, classes, spells, etc that are different from the base game.

Character Features[edit | edit source]

Races - More then 70 new races have been introduced. Races sorted by Size and ECL.

Classes - Any new classes or changes to base game classes

Cleric Domains - New Planar Domains and Domain spells.

Deities - massive deity selection, sorted by pantheon

Equippable Natural Weapons

Feats - New feats and changes to existing feats

Skills - changes to skills on the server

Spells - New spells and changes to existing spells

Item Features[edit | edit source]

Base Item changes - Server specific to items

Crafting, Enchanting, and Alchemy - how they work on SCoD, and their recipes.

Tattoos - Inventory items that enchance your character even more (limited to 1).

Item Sets - Items that will be improved once they are all equipped.

Trapping System - SCoD has a special trapping system for wilderness areas.

Gameplay Features[edit | edit source]

Faction Badges - Joining a faction grants you a badge that has certain functions.

Item Customization - Where and how?

Player-Owned Houses - You can buy an appartment or even build your own house!

SIGIS - The in-game newspaper.

Bet your life cardgame - Collect rare cards and play against friends.

Stores and Merchant features - What exists to help with this?

User Placeables - Placeables that can be obtained and placed by users.

TKL performer tool - Create music within the game.

Portals and Portal Keys - Getting around the planes requires portals and keys, so useful info here.

Saving Your Character - Do you need to, and when?

Resting - When and where?

Polymorph Bar - Casting Abilitiles while Shape shifted.

Technical Features[edit | edit source]

Chat Commands - Certain features can be enabled/disabled by chat commands, see this section.

Death, Respawning, and Penalties - How it works.

Encounters, Monsters, Challenges - What to expect.

Difficulty Setting - Set the nastiness of creatures spawned.

Experience, Leveling and Re-leveling - how it works.

Interface and Tools - Inventory items and the interface.

Money - Not only gold pieces!

Quests - Who needs help?

Portraits - Kemo Portraits, how to set, where to find?

Scrying - Where are all the players?

Text Emphasis - How to format text to look purty.

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