Night Hag (Female Only) Edit

Merciless and utterly evil, night hags are creatures from the plane of Hades that constantly hunger for the flesh and souls of innocent people. They love to force their prey into helplessness with magic and then strangle those who are overcome by it.

  • Ability Adjustments: +4 Strength, +2 Constituion, +2 Wisdom
  • Darkvision: Night Hags can see in the dark up to 60 feet
  • Innate Immunity: Night Hags are immune to charm, sleep, and fear effects, as well as having DR 5/Cold Iron.
  • Natural Armor: Night Hags receive a +2 (stacking) bonus to natural armor.
  • Spell-Like Ability: A night hag can cast sleep and ray of enfeeblement at will, each with a 2-minute cooldown. The Hag's character level (maximum 20) is used as their caster level.
  • Deceitful: Night Hags are skilled at deceiving others. They receive a +2 bonus on all Bluff checks; if they have 10 or more ranks in the skill, this bonus increases to +4.
  • Ineffably Evil: A night hag's alignment will always be evil.
  • Natural Weaponry: A night hag's fierce bite inflicts demon fever upon those she bites.
  • Alternate Form: A night hag can choose a single small or medium humanoid appearance to shift into at will.
  • Favored Class: None
  • Level Adjustment: +3
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