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It is the plane of ultimate law.

It is where premeditated plans are born.

It is the gear works for the multiverse.

Mechanus is where perfectly regimented order reigns supreme. It consists of equal measures of light and dark, and equal proportions of heat and cold. It is as predictable as the drip of a water clock and as obvious as a tree in a field. On Mechanus, all law is reflected in a single infinite realm of clockwork gears, all interlocked, all turning according to their own measure. The cogs seem to be engaged in a calculation so vast that no deity knows its purpose, except that it is somehow a function of law.

- Manual of the Planes

Gatecrasher's Guide[]

A few primes think this place is called Nirvana, but where they came up with that barmy notion is anybody's guess. Mechanus is sometimes called "the Clockwork Universe," and it's easy to see how the place came by that name: Mechanus is a world of giant cogs that hover in space at all angles. Teeth interlock, and the cogwheels click and turn to the rhythm of some cosmic harmony — all perfectly fitting for the plane of ultimate, cold law.

Some of the cogs are little, barely more than a small island of matter, while others are hundreds of miles across. Many times, several smaller cogs cluster around a larger one, feeding off its motion. Typically, such knots are a single layer, although each disk may be a realm of its own. Everything is interlocked, and nothing turns unless all of Mechanus's disks turn.

Petitioners found on this plane are notoriously honest and literal. They don't interpret instructions or requests, but do exactly what is asked of them. This can be true even if the action leads to death, for petitioners of Mechanus believe they are constantly being tested in their devotion to order and law.

- Guide to the Planes


  • Objective Directional Gravity: The strength of gravity is the same as on the Material Plane, but the direction is oriented towards the face of each rotating cog. Walking between cogs can be dizzying for newcomers, and dangerous if a traveler falls between the cogs.
  • Infinite Size: Each cog is finite, but they go on forever. . .
  • Divinely Morphic
  • No Elemental or Energy Traits
  • Strongly Law-Aligned
  • Normal Magic


There are no layers in Mechanus, only an unending field of cogs. Many of the cogs are more than a thousand miles across, and they turn so slowly that their rotation is imperceptible. . . yet turn they do, as witnessed by much smaller island sized cogs that interlock with the much larger wheels. These smaller cogs seem to turn at an almost dizzying pace, although inhabitants feel no centripetal force once on the surface of a small cog. The objective directional gravity means that inhabitants wont' be spun off the edge of a cog unless they're standing within 10 feet of the rim.

Formian Hive Cogs[]

The formians build fabulous hive cities on both faces of a cog that they colonize - and they've colonized quite a few. Each hive-cog holds thousands of workers, warriors, and taskmasters, as well as several dozen or more myrmarchs. However, each cog has only one queen, whose commands are absolute law for her hive-cog.

At the heart of the realm of hive-cogs lies "The Center" - a huge island cog ruled by the Scion Queen Mother. She claims the power of an intermediate deity, though the truth of this is not easy to determine.


Inevitables are designed, constructed, and assigned tasks to uphold various laws in factories such as Neumannus. It is a place devoid of regular life, though it is crawling with inevitables at all times. Tall smokestacks cover both sides of the cog and constantly belch sooty clouds from the fires raging in forces and furnaces.


Regulus is the home of the modrons. They control exactly 64 cogs, and this number never varies.

On the Server[]

Below are details about the areas on the server currently, including documentation on the portal key, location, puzzles, and monsters. Spoiler warning!



Portal: Root of Nine's Warehouse

Key: Cog Coin purchasable from Trevor Goodfellow, the Planar Coin merchant in the Bazaar

Level Range: 2-10

There are two mechanus areas on the server currently - the exterior Mechanus area, and an interior Mechanus Factory area.

Mechanus (CR 3-6)[]

The portal leads to a small series of cog islands. The first few cogs are non-hostile. Further in, the more industrial looking cogs are home to rogue modrons - monodrones and duodrones. The rogue modrons are a suitable challenge for levels 1-6.

A Guvner liason to Mechanus, Quirin, is stationed on one of the non-hostile cogs (near the giant airship dock). If spoken to, Quirin will wax eloquent about the movement of the gears, and give the PC a quest (Broken Gears) to investigate what is wrong with the rogue modrons and malfunctioning factory.

Mechanus Factory (CR 5-15)[]

The factory is divided into five sections - Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Quadrants, and a control center in the middle. Both entrances (a steam vent, and the front door) lead to the Water Quadrant.

Water Quadrant[]

This area of the factory is light on hostile creatures. Instead, there are a number of inert monodrones and duodrones. PCs can attempt to fix or heal the inert modrons. Monodrones require a successful Disable Device (DC 15), Intelligence (DC 12), or Heal (DC 20) roll to heal. Duodrones require a successful Disable Device (DC 18), Intelligence (DC 15), or Heal (DC 23) roll to fix. Successful skill and ability rolls give a small amount of exp.

If an attempt to fix the inert modrons fails (or the PC opts to try to kill them), they wake up and are hostile! Hostile Monodrones are CR 5, and hostile Duodrones are CR 7.

Healed modrons will wake up, and start patrolling the hallways of the Water Quadrant.

There are also a few Demarax encounters in some of the larger rooms (CR 13-15), which can be avoided if desired.

Earth Quadrant[]

The Earth Quadrant has been invaded by Formians! The ant-monsters spawn inside their tunnels, but will wander out into the factory once their tunnels have been opened (CR 10-14).

The Earth Quadrant is also home to Gear Golems. The golems can be found patrolling the hallways of the factory (CR 10-12).

Air Quadrant[]

More gear golems (CR 10-12) and a few Demarax encounters (CR 13-15) can be found here.

Fire Quadrant[]

The Fire Quadrant is patrolled by Gear Golems (CR 10-12) and Scurpyons (CR 10-12).

Control Center[]

All the quadrants connect to the control center in the middle of the map. To move from one quadrant to another, the PC must travel to the control center, and open the new Quadrant from the control panel. The Air Quadrant door is unlocked by default.

The control panel has four buttons: red, green, white, and blue. Opening a door requires four button presses in the correct sequence. The sequence changes every reset, but gear-arch in front of each door displays the correct sequence (read from left to right).