Invoke the Cerulean Sign (Evocation)

Spell level: Bard 3, Cleric/FS 3, Druid/SS 2, Paladin 3, Ranger 2, Sorcerer/Wizard 3; innate 3

Components: Somatic

Range: Medium

Area of Effect: Large

Duration: Special

Save: Fortitude negates

Spell resistance: No

The Cerulean Sign is an ancient symbol said to embody the purity of the natural world, and as such it is an anathema to aberrations. While druids and rangers are the classes most often known to cast this ancient spell, its magic is nearly universal and can be mastered by virtually all spellcasting classes. Any aberration within the area of the Sign must take a fortitude saving throw or suffer the following ill effects based on its HD in comparison to the invoker's caster level:

HD is less than CL - 10: Stunned

HD is less than CL - 5: Dazed

HD is less than CL: Nauseated

HD is less than CL +5: Sickened

The effects of this spell are stacking. For example, an aberration with 11 HD less than your caster level is Stunned for 1 round, dazed for 2, nauseated for 3, and sickened for 4, all starting at the same time.