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It is a place of ultimate goodness.

It is a land so pleasant you may never want to leave.

Elysium is the most strongly good-aligned plane of the Great Wheel, a place of good untrammeled by issues of law or chaos. On this place doing well by others is more highly valued than any other ideal.

- Manual of the Planes

Gatecrasher's Guide[]

This place gets called the Restful Plane or the Land of the Thoughtless, depending on a sod's attitude. The Ciphers'll tell a berk it's the perfect place, having goodness without thought. Then again, the Guvners can barely stand it because there's no order or discipline on the plane at all. That's because the driving force of Elysium is goodness and goodness only. Order or anarchy - it doesn't matter, as long as it's for the good.

Elysium is a land of fertile richness and unsurpassed natural beauty. Near the banks of the River Oceanus, which winds through all the layers, are tall trees, waving reeds, and lush meadows. In the hundreds of miles beyond the river's banks, the forests give way to grassy plains, then rolling hills, until the land finally becomes rugged badlands that are wind-sculpted into forms of artistic beauty.

The petitioners here live their lives in peaceful repose, more or less living as they wish. There's no need to work unless a person wants to, for the land is abundant enough to fulfill all wants. Nonetheless, there are towns and cities here, organized by those who want to live this way. Either choice is fine by the petitioners of Elysium.

Clearly the petitioners are an independent lot. Such is their nature that they're completely immune to charm, hold, and summoning spells. No one can force the inhabitants of Elysium to do anything they don't want to do.

- Guide to the Planes

Elysium Traits[]

  • Normal Gravity
  • Normal Time
  • Infinite Size
  • Divinely Morphic: Elysium is easily altered by deities. Other creatures find that their spells and physical efforts work normally here.
  • No Elemental Traits
  • Strongly Good-Aligned
  • Entrapping: A nonoutsider on Elysium experiences increasing joy and satifaction while there. Colors become brighter and more vivid than on the Material Plane; sounds more melodius and soft; and the nature of others seems more pleasant and understanding. At the conclusion of every week spent on Elysium, any nonoutsider must make a Will saving throw. Failure indicates that the individual as fallen under the control of the plane, becoming a petitioner of Elysium.


Elysium consists of four layers strung together by the myriad courses of the River Oceanus. The first layer is most like the Material Plane, with sweet smelling pines and flowering trees along its banks giving way to open meadows and rolling fields. The second layer is rougher and more mountainous, and rapids and falls are common along the channels of the river. The third layer is a great marsh awash with life. The deepest layer is the sea itself and the headwaters of the great river, dotted with islands where veteran heroes of good relax for eternity.


Amoria is the topmost layer of Elysium and one of the most hospitable places on the Outer Planes - if you ignore the plane's tendency to convert long-term visitors to full-time petitioners. Small towns dot the banks of the River Oceanus, and islands of rolling hills rise from the river itself. Boat travel is common, and the bulk of the population of Elysium lives on this layer.

The rulers of the guardinals live on Amoria. These supremely powerful guardinals are as powerful as the archdukes of the Nine Hells or the demon princes of the Abyss. First among their number is Prince Taliside, the wisest and most powerful of leonals. Talisid's lieutenants are known as the Five Companions: the lupine Duke Lucan, the bearlike Duchess Callisto, the winged Duke Windheir, the equine Lord Hwyn, and the antlered Lord Rhanok. Together they organize the efforts of the guardinals, sending them on missions against evil and even striking into the lower planes to recover those captured by the forces of evil.


Eronia is a rising land of steep hills, sharp-toothed mountains, and white granite valleys, which divert the river again and again. Rugged foothills coil at the bases of these mountains, high bluffs, plateus, and mesas.

The weather is fierce on Eronia; great windstorms and snowfalls with lightning are common. the summers are hotter and the winters more bitter than on the Material Plane. Eronia is for the good souls who still want to be challenged in their afterlife.


Belierin is a land of misty swamps and fog-bound marshes, white the opposite of what might expect in a plane of ultimate goodness. Here the river is no more than a tangled braid of slow-moving water through uncountable channels, with low, flooded sandbars and tangles of mangrove rising from it.

This layer is the prison of some deadly creature or creatures. Some tales say the prisoner of Belierin is a powerful monster along the lines of the tarrasque or monster of legend. Others say that it is a deadly archduke of the lower planes, a deposed elemental prince, or even a wounded deity. The indisputable faction is that evil creatures are sometimes caught lurking here, and the native guardinals are constantly fighting back attacks against this layer.


This layer is the headwaters of the River Oceanus, the state of the great river that flows through the layers of Elysium, dodges the sun-dappled trees of the Beastlands, and plunges into Arborea. Thalasia is dotted with islands and sprinkled with small communities.

These islands are variously known as the Isles of the Holy Dead, the Isles of the Blessed, the Hills of Avalon, the Islands beyond the World, and the Heroic Isles. Here the best of the good-aligned petitioners make their homes, retaining some knowledge and perhaps some power from their previous lives.

On the Server[]

Below are details about the areas on the server currently, including documentation on the portal key, location, puzzles, and monsters. Spoiler warning!



Portal: Gymnasium - Courtyard

Key: Swan's Feather, purchased from Layla, Great Bazaar.

Level Range: RP Area

There are two Elysium areas on the server, located in Thalasia. One is a beach on the River Oceanus, and the other is a cave system going back into the hillsides. Both are monster-free RP areas.

Trivia: The portal to Elysium used to be located in the Foul Olde Spirit Inn, and its key was a Flute. However, after the Fey Invasion, the Inn was destroyed, and the portal lost. A portal to (what was probably) the same island in Thalasia was discovered about a year later in the Gymnasium Courtyard, with a different key. In the intervening time, the locals had re-built the ruins which had previously dotted the beach.