The Druid on SCoD has received quite a bit of attention, partially to fix some of most glaring issues with their spells and to provide more wildshape options.

In addition, due to how autosaves work, when you save in wildshape you can loose buffs, which can be particularly annoying when transitioning. For this purpose a command has been implemented to disable autosaves. For more information see: Chat Commands

Changed FeatsEdit

Dragon Shape


Animal Companions

New SpellsEdit

Swarm Curse

Invoke the Cerulean Sign

Stygian Ice Storm

Fang of Balance

Fang of Balance, Greater

Modified SpellsEdit

Summon Monster (all)

Foundation of Stone

Magic Fang

Flame Weapon

Healing Sting

Greater Magic Fang

Infestation of Maggots

Jagged Tooth


Slay Living

Storm Avatar

Turtle Shell

Nature's Avatar