Clerics on SCoD are not required to take their Deities domains. It is preferred if people do, however, the planes are a big place and maybe the deity you want isn't in the list. In fact, there is nothing stopping you inventing deities (after all, its what humanity has been doing for a long time).

However, please be consistent with your roleplay.

Feat ChangesEdit

Turn Undead


Rebuke Undead (evil only)

Bolster Undead (evil only)

New SpellsEdit

Negative Energy Ray

Invoke the Cerulean Sign

Bodak's Glare

Spell ChangesEdit

Divine Power

Summon Monster (all)

Inflict Wounds (all) - all the spells of this type.

Death Knell

Living Undeath

Animate Dead

Hold Person


Slay Living

Wall Of Dispel Magic

Create Undead


Wall of Greater Dispel Magic