Roleplay and Mechanics NoteEdit

On SCoD we do not demand that people RP the deity listed on their character sheet (although we do ask people to RP the deity their character professes to worship, assuming they have any). It is more or less impossible for us to add every single deity that exists in canon D&D and make them all selectable. In addition, there are deity based class restrictions that are not so valid in the Planescape setting.

However, we have included a wide range of deities for selection.

Deities or Powers?Edit

Well, you see berk, things are a bit different up here in the planes. Down on the primes people tend to get all hung up on the deities. Bowing and scraping and all that. But its a bit hard to give the same level of commitment when you can pop over and have a cup of tea with the deity themselves.  Alright, i'm pulling your leg. Just being the presence of a power will probably blast your mind, but they have avatars and proxys who sometimes make an appearance, well, except here in the Cage, more about that later.  So yeah, we are more likely to call them Powers here than Gods, but each to their own.  Plenty of people still bow down to Powers here on the planes.  Others, they prefer to worship or obtain power from Powers that are not technically gods. Like the more powerful Tannari or Baatezu, or beings like the Guardinals.  Hells, there's so many Powers knocking around up here on the planes its a surprise that you can't walk a mile without tripping over one.  Oh yeah, and most of 'em get on as well with each other like cats in a bag.  Exceptions exist of course, but each Power has their own realm or realms. Woe be to the power that crosses into the domain of another.

Fortunately for us mere mortals, the Powers tend to ignore us. Primers, Planars, and Petitioners alike... except for when they want something. Then its usually a good idea to get out of town.  Or better still, get yourself to Sigil, the Cage.  Why? Ah, right, i haven't told you yet have I?

Deities in SigilEdit


Right, that was simple wasn't it? Ah, alright, its not quite so simple. You see, the Lady blocks all Powers from entering. Sure, some quite powerful beings make their home in Sigil, mortal and immortal alike. But there is a threshold. Once you hit a certain point in power, the point which basically separates a powerful being from a power, then entry is barred. Doesn't mean some haven't tried. Over the aeons a few Powers have tried to get a foothold here. The most famous, and the one mentioned most quietly if you value your skin, is that of Aoskar, the god of portals. He tried to get his worshippers to spread throughout Sigil, thereby allowing him to gain power there and take it over. This ticked off Her Serenity a little and she somehow killed him and cast his corpse into the Astral Plane. While she was at it, she destroyed his temple in Sigil, and the remains exist there today and is known as the Shattered Temple, the headquarters of the Athar.

Yeah, i know what you are going to say next, and don't say it, just don't! The Lady, she ain't no power... but around here she is the power. Its a little tricky you see. Within Sigil, she is definitely as powerful as any of the Powers are in their own realms, at least, if not more. Whether she can leave the city is dark. Its one reason the place is called the Cage. Some people think its a prison for the Lady. Regardless, she tends to get rather upset when people start kowtowing to her. The few who have tried have either been found flayed, or simply not found. Its not a good idea, so don't go getting any ideas about worshipping her ok? The chant is, if people were to start worshipping her, then she would become a deity, and become affected by the same effect that keeps the rest of the Powers out of Sigil. 

Is it true? Who knows? The Lady is one of the biggest darks around here. And its not like you can walk up to her and ask her is it?  Well, not if you like your internal organs on the inside of your body.

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