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It is the land of perfection.

It is where laws are made for the common good.

It is where harmony is born.

Arcadia thrives with orchards of perfectly lined trees, ruler-straight streams, orderly fields, and cities laid out in geometrically pleasing shapes. The mountains are unblemished by erosion. Everything on Arcadia works toward the common good and a flawless form of existence. here, nothing intrudes on harmony.

- Manual of the Planes

Gatecrasher's Guide[]

Standing on the slope of Arcadia's tallest peak, it's easy to see why this plane is known as the Land of Perfect Good. Everything here radiates peaceful order. Forests grow in neat rows, more like orchards than wild woods. On the plains, grasses grow to only a certain height. Wildflowers grow in self-defined beds of color, one never intruding on the other. Fields are geometrically perfect and towns are laid out in neat squares. Even day and night are ordered and perfect. All light and darkness comes from an orb set in the top of Arcadia's tallest peak. Half this sphere radiates starry darkness and the other half emits gleaming sunshine. The orb revolves in a regular 24-hour day. Light changes to dark abruptly — there is no dusk or dawn — and each change signals the beginning or end of another perfect day.

Arcadia is a land of fields, orchards, and woods. Throughout, there are the perfect forms of beneficial and peaceful animals from the Prime Material. Even the animals here reflect the goal of Arcadia - organization for the common good. Nectar-laden bees, industrious ants, silver-wooled sheep, fat deer, gleaming foxes, and other creatures that watch and protect their own are common here.

This plane is one of the most hostile to evil sods. Squadrons of petitioner militia regularly patrol the land, seeking out anyone evil. All Arcadian petitioners can know alignment at will, and travelers are always questioned as to their alignment. Lawful-good creatures are invited to join such hunts, chaotic goods are tolerated as long as they don't disturb the public order, neutrals of all types are stiffly requested to finish their business and leave, while evil types are instantly attacked. For the petitioners of Arcadia, it's no failure to fall when fighting evil.

- Guide to the Planes


  • Normal Gravity
  • Normal Time
  • Infinite Size
  • Divinely Morphic
  • No Elemental or Energy Traits
  • Mildly Law-Aligned
  • Normal Magic


There is nothing native to Arcadia's two layers that does not contribute toward perfection and peace. The fields and forests are swollen with grain and fruit, all growing without tending or fear of infestation. Even the "wild" flowers grow naturally to create the most harmonious blend.

The trees of Arcadia are wondrous specimens. These great plants grow in both neat forests and straight-rowed orchards. Their bark has a copper, gold, silver, or iron sheen. Their leaves range from deep green to fiery red, but the leaves never fall. Fruit is always in season. On rare, wondrous occasions a plucked fruit suddenly manifests magical properties, mimicking the effects of a randomly determined potion. The fruit is non-magical until picked.


The first layer of Arcadia is mostly flat, though there are mountains and hills arranged just so. Forests, lakes, fields, and streams are all found here. It is the layer of plenty, and everything, even common beasts, is dedicated to the good of all. Abellio contains the Formian city of Manidible, Clangeddin Silverbeard's Mount Clangeddin, and the Basilica of Saint Cuthbert.


The second layer of Arcadia looks much like the first, with its pleasant valleys swathed in perfectly even grass, naturally growing orchards, and circular lakes. However, it has also become a mustering ground where forces of Arcadia slowly gather their strength for a presumed ideological thrust into Mechanus in an attempt to recover the lost layer of Menausus. The joint realm of the Mulhorandi deities, Heliopolis, resides on this Layer.

This layer is home to the Harmonium training grounds.


The third layer of Arcadia actually no longer exists (and has not, for millennia). Its planar essence has joined with Mechanus, and it is now overrun with Formian hive cogs.

In the Server[]

We sadly have no Arcadian areas yet.